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An innovative line with a strong attitude forming a Quadra Pattern presented by Aurora Ipsilon writing series of instruments!


Ipsilon, with its unmistakably shaped clip, is a loyal everyday companion dedicated to those who work and study.


Aurora has been crafting pens in Turin, Italy since 1919. Over the years, Aurora's pens have marked history's pages, reflecting their noble origins in Italian culture, artistic tradition, and design flair.


Aurora's unparalleled pens earned the prestige and honor of being the first writing instruments displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, MOMA.


Today, Aurora continues to craft their own nibs and pen designs, and produce some of the most beautiful design, well-engineered writing and high quality instruments that truly count to thoughts, feelings, beauty and culture.

Aurora Ipsilon Sterling Quadra Black 14kt Fountain

$295.00 Regular Price
$250.75Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)
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