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In 1926, English playwright and author Alan Alexander Milne released the book "Winnie-the-Pooh" decorated by Earnest Howard Shepard. Little did A.A. Milne know how famous this book, lovingly written for his son, would become with over 50 million copies sold in over 50 languages. Milne wrote the book centered around his son and his adventures with his favorite stuffed teddy bear, a bear who loved stories about himself “because he’s that sort of Bear.”(pg.4)   “Once upon a time, a very long time ago, now about last Friday…” (pg.4) the world was introduced to this lovable bear and his friends and for over 95 years, this book has been loved by generations and is a lasting legacy for A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

Retro51 is delighted to share this new collection decorated with artwork and quotes from this timeless book. Three rollerballs and one pencil come packaged together, sold as a part of a limited-edition of 926 sets. Each writing instrument features story snippets and original illustrations from the following chapters: "Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees" (blue), "Eyeore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One" plus "Eyeore has a Birthday" (purple) and "Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party and We Say Goodbye" (both the yellow rollerball and green pencil). The pastel lacquered barrels have been printed with the original pen and ink drawings with added colors, protected with a gloss finish and stonewashed pewter accents. The rollerballs are topped with “B” for Bear, “HB” for Helping Bear and “BB” for Brave Bear. The top rings are engraved with matching LE number.

The green gift box is designed after the original book that was wrapped in a forest green cover with gold foil stamped art. As you open the magnetic closure box, you'll see E.H. Shepard’s illustration of the "100 Aker Wood" adorning the inside cover just like the book. Each writing instrument is securely stored within the foam insert giving them a framed composition complete with extra lead and erasers.

Although they won’t talk to you, these pens are sure to bring a smile to your face and are always ready for writing new stories.


  • Three rollerballs + One 1.15 mm Pencil
  • Original book illustrations & story snippets print on metal barrels
  • Limited-Edition Engraving of 926
  • Accents - Stonewashed Pewter
  • Extra Lead & Erasers also included
  • Magnetic Snap Closure Box replicated after the original book

A A Milne Winnie The Pooh Collector's Set

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